Let us design a smile that fits your profile
Let us design a smile that fits your profile 


Precise dental restoration work not compromising quality, functionality, and esthetics.




Building long lasting relationships with our Clients based on trust and commitment.



Utilizing latest dental digital technologies enhancing our performance and delivery.



Thank you for visiting our website.  We have been providing quality dental restoration and cosmetic services to our Dentists and Customers for over 30 years and some of our Dentists have been with us since the beginning. The key to our success has been sustaining an efficient business model based on strong working relationships with our Clients to foster interests and commitment and promote to others what we do.  Let our team at Dove Dental Studio work with you to design a smile that fits your profile


Our laboratory is digital and uses the latest dental technology with the support of our highly skilled staff, so you get the best and most comprehensive dental restoration work possible. We specialise in custom staining and characterization to fit any smile.  Some of our past and satisfied customers were professional football players, well established TV personalities and publicly known officials in the community.


We are confident from our years of hands-on experience, dedication to strengthen relationships with our Clients, our passionate and caring customer service, and the continued focus and use of the latest dental technologies will continue to allow us to consistently deliver high quality dental works with perfect fit and esthetically pleasing smile.  We are precise in what we do and strive to always meet and exceed your prescribed expectations and requirements on safety, quality, and timeliness of our products and services. 


Our Mission...

Dove Dental Studio strives to consistently deliver safe and precise dental restoration work not compromising quality, functionality, and esthetics necessary to meet your dental profile and needs.  We achieve this by continuously enhancing our technical capabilities while building relationships and strengthening our trustworthiness and commitment to you.